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If you ve been following along with this walk-through then you now have an Xsan with a mounted volume and clients NOTE: In order to add a new controller, promote an existing client to a controller, or demote a controller to a client, all clients on the SAN must be online and reachable via the Xsan Admin Application..

interface WapGatewayAPN WapGatewayIP WayGatewayPort WapSourceIP WapSourcePort WapEnableWTLS TunnelAuthUsername TunnelAuthPassword

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To view the shared folders on a system, open Server Admin and click on the name of the system you want in the Servers list. Now click the File Sharing button in the Server Admin toolbar and you ll get a list of the logical volumes that your server can see along with a handy disk space image that shows how full the various volumes are. At this point, you can select Share Points to see which folders are currently being shared over SMB, AFP, NFS or FTP. If you click on Volumes and then the Browse button, you ll be able to configure new folders that you want others to access as share points. Browse to the folder you want shared, then click on the Share button in the upper right-hand corner below the tool bar. With the Xsan volume selected, three tabs appear along the bottom of the screen: Share Point, Permissions, and Quotas. Click on Share Point to review and modify these settings:

configure SMB, AFP, NFS, and FTP settings (looks very much like the old screen in Workgroup Manager) Once you ve set the options for your share point, click over to the Permissions tab, where you can determine who has access to shared data. From this point, access to share points is controlled by file system permissions. You ll see ACLs listed above POSIX permissions, and when you drag a user or group into the window, a blue line will appear, indicating that the object will stay if you drop it on the window. Finally, if you click on the Quotas tab and enable quotas, you ll find that you can t drag users and groups into the window. Using Server Admin, you can t configure users that don t have a home folder on the volume. You can, however, configure quotas at the command line.

Of all these parameters, the most important is deviceside. You will generally want to set this to true unless you are specifically developing an app for a BES environment. Otherwise, corporate users may be blocked from accessing the site you attempt to reach. Optional parameters are appended to your connection string and separated by semicolons. To open a direct TCP connection over Wi-Fi to the CIA s web site, you would use the connection string;deviceside=true;interface=wifi. Caution: If you specify a Wi-Fi connection and no Wi-Fi is available, the connection will throw an exception instead of failing back to a regular cellular connection. When calling for a network connection, you may choose to specify whether the connection should time out. By default, a connection will wait until the other server replies or an error occurs; however, sometimes no response will come, either

This is important because otherwise, whitespace or other characters that don t influence the state of the data could cause a test to fail You don t want a test failing because of a different formatting, unless of course you desire testing a specific formatting of the data For example, XML is another technology where most likely you don t want whitespace to cause the test to fail..

Xsan can act as the back-end storage to provide front-end network file-sharing services for a Mac OS X environment. This isn t to say that it ll work like a charm without some fine-tuning, though. In tuning any Xsan volume, one of your most important tools is the block size. As mentioned previously, the stripe breadth multiplied by the block size should come to about 1MB. You ll have to customize the stripe breadth on the storage pools whenever you change the block sizes for the volume. If you re using Xsan as a repository for data to be shared over clustered file storage, then it s important to maintain a small block size. How small That depends on your data. If it s in large files, you may be able to stick with the default settings for clustered file storage in the volume setup wizard. If it s in small files, though, consider going even lower.

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